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How to Play with the facebook Robots balls SO FUCK FACEBOOK

You can safely test the waters by continuing to add friends (maybe 50 or so) until you get the Warning message. When the Warning appears, hit Cancel, do not hit Okay. Then, do not add any more friends for 24 hours. This will successfully navigate you away from the robots, and allow you to continue with normal profile activity. If you try to add a friend

later and you see the warning, fuck you and your warnings you'll know that it hasn't been 24 hours.


facebook has started a wave of purification like hitler did back in the day.FUCK FACEBOOK


Imagine for a moment that you frequent the same restaurant every day, and every day you


bring a new person with you to the restaurant. Before you know it, you’ve got a large section of that restaurant filled with customers, chatting it up, ordering drinks, swapping spit ,food and leaving generous tips. Then one day you show up to order dinner and there’s a sign on the door that says “Sorry, you are not allowed in Abe Vigoda impersonating longboard riding loser If you have a problem with that, email us.”


I’m kind of taking it all in stride - I’m not sure why their admins decided to throw me off but I can’t help but wonder who is in charge of analytics at Facebook.Look, I totally get their agenda. Facebook is not a charity. Facebook is and always will be

a business. It’s a business first, a social network second. It’s why the Whopper campaign got killed (Though I wonder would they have pulled it had they run it as a Facebook ad?), it’s why they pulled out of endorsing developers via Facebook applications.FUCK FACEBOOK


I’ve learned a lot from being kick off Facebook goes back to my years as a prostitue on the streets for years when they were “the other network” and MySpace hogged the spotlight, yet we still encouraged our automotive client to give them a shot given their tight focus on college studentsclit cunts and the run of the mill druck girl pictures passed between geeky pervert turned into facebook

i got never got laid using facebook?


Facebook had reached critical mass. FUCK FACEBOOK


So you’d think given their lineage, they’d learn as they scaled to keep track of the very things third party companies such as Radian6 do on a daily basis - determine influencers online, understand the role of a member to those within their network.

This obviously isn’t the case. In fact I think they’re completely clueless.

Analytics are key to the success of any online community. Much like brick and mortar

businesses, understanding who your best customers are will guarantee their loyalty. Well I would say I’m one of Facebook’s best customers, and not receiving an email explaining why my account was disabled really pisses me off because someone had to have disabled it in the first place. Does it hurt to look into my account, realize the frequency of which I post? Check the velocity of which people have added me to their own networks?


I would say that I deliver more value to Facebook than they do to me. Think about it. All

of the extra page views I create for them, the free content I upload, etc.

Now here I am armed with a keyboard and an internet connection. Much more powerful than pen

and sword and I can swear to you, they’re going to feel some pain on this one.

So Facebook, if you’re listening (doubtful), I want the following:

•Full membership rights restored.

•A written letter of apology from your head of Communications.

•An explanation sent to my 700 closest friends as to why they couldn’t send me a happy

birthday note via your social network because you disabled my account without reason.

Oh and by the way. This morning, my colleague was spammed via Facebook IM as a hacker took

control of his friend’s account and decided to solicit him for money. I’m sure the last

thing Facebook wants is the real story coming out as to how hack attacks are driving their members away…

All of this drama makes me restless. ,thats where i hang out see ya there . I promise you that. It may be alpha but it will be up, and when it’s up, I plan on focusing building my relationships with people I enjoy spending time with online sharing monkey fucking videos and longboarding stories without any concern that big brother will pull my account without reason.


hey blogger keep your eyes open for my next facebook hate blog article about the druck pictures of sluts on facebook doing fuck up shit and then posted by them own damm druck slut selves


Facebook: The Movie here comes the big hollywood smear job on what was left of our pride

Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of Charlie Wilson’s War crappy movie at best and The West Wing, a weak bit didnt amount to much and is scripting a movie all about FACEBOOK and its formation. Weird. and shitty


Paramount Pictures wanted to keep the film on the down low but Sorkin leaked this information on his Facebook page, but of course.


Facebook was created in 2004 on the Harvard campus by closet case sophomore student Mark Zuckerberg and has now grown to over 60 million members. Facebook is valued at $16 billion what a joke and big companies like Microsoft and Google have been in a bidding war over the company.


The movie will focus on how Zuckerberg and his associate’s lives have changed after becoming an overnight sensation. Sounds a little dry. I don’t think I could justify paying money to watch an entire movie about Facebook unless it was a long slideshow of extremely drunk people doing things (like driving the porcelain bus)and I got kicked off and not this druck hoe



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